Friday, November 26, 2010

Rainbows: Christmas Shopping

I never thought that I would resort to online shopping this holiday season, but I have found many great deals and unique gifts for my friends and family.

A great site for jewelry and other little trinkets is Etsy. This is an outlet for small businesses and crafty individuals who want to share their passion. I have purchased many necklaces and more for my friends. This way, I can find personalized items that perfectly suit the people in my life.

I have also realized the importance of printed photos. Many members of my family will be receiving photo albums that I have had developed at Wal-Mart. Photographic gems like this just have to be framed (yes, that is my father):
This is my new favorite photo album for travel prints.

I have also found Amazon to be a great venue for unusual items. I have a friend with an attraction to anything dinosaur or sandwich themed. With Amazon, I have bought her dinosaur sandwich cutter and sandwich holder. It would be impossible to find such a combination easily.

I love buying gifts for the people close to me. I once convinced my 5 year old brother that I was Santa Claus. With these online stores, I may be getting one step closer to that occupation.

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