Monday, November 29, 2010

Rainbows: Christmas movies

Jingling bells, snow, outlandish love love of Christmas movies is a not to secret obsession. Though I could indulge in these any time of year, during the holiday month between Thanksgiving and Christmas my love reaches an all time high.

Some of them are classic, some are cheesy, and some are not good at all. But these Christmas movies are fantastic in my mind.

The Santa Clause

This Tim Allen movie shows him as a career focused father whose life takes a turn when he accidentally kills the previous Santa. Due to a clause in Santa's contract, Allen becomes the new Santa Claus. Though nobody believes him as he gains weight and continually grows a beard, he begins his new career as the ultimate gift giver.

Miracle on 34th Street
Aside from "It's A Wonderful Life", this movie is my favorite "classic" Christmas film. The black and white story tells of a mall Santa who claims to be the real Kris Kringle. The daughter of a mall employee instantly believes that his beard and demeanor with children shows that he's the real thing in spite of her mother's skepticism. Though I am past the age of believing in Santa, this movie always gets me close to believing again.

Jingle All the Way

Oh yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a super hero costume. At Christmastime. This was my go to movie as a child, and watching it fills me with joy today. The movie revolves around Schwarzenegger searching for an impossible to get toy (Turbo Man) on Christmas Eve. Though Schwarzenegger may not be the greatest actor of our time, this movie will always remain a classic in my mind.

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